RENFREWSHIRE residents are invited along to play one of Scotland's oldest sports at a village club.

Howwood Curling Club are hosting a come-and-try session which will see people of all ages and abilities give have a go on the ice.

The event is set to take place at the Greenaces rink, in Bowfiekd, on Tuesday, March 19.

Curling is also known as ‘The Roarin’ Game,’ due to the noise made by the granite stones as they travel over the ice.

The first written evidence of curling appeared in 1540, when Paisley notary John McQuhin recorded details of a challenge between John Sclater, a monk at Paisley Abbey, and Gavin Hamilton, a representative of the Abbot.

A spokesperson for the club said: "The come and try sessions are to provide an opportunity to people who are interested but uncertain whether they would like to take up the sport of curling.

"We will provide qualified coaches to give you the tuition you need

"The sessions enable the potential curlers to meet their potential teams and to find out whether they would enjoy playing in the club's relaxed format."