A 38-year-old woman has vowed to marry her lifelong partner after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Danielle Finlay-Edwards was hit with the devasting news that she had stage four bowel cancer in September last year.

Now, living in Craigielea Care Home in Renfrew where her sister Victoria works as a quality officer, Danielle is preparing for the wedding of her dreams as she is set to be married at the historic gothic church, Coats Paisley.

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The Gazette:

Her partner, John Cambell, proposed to her after a lovely meal at home which was described as "romantic" by Danielle.

She said: "I am pretty excited for the day and it's one I can't wait for.

"I have been talking to my sisters and my best friends about it almost every day.

"He got down on one knee and asked the question after having a lovely meal at home.

"I knew from the minute we met anyway that it would happen, but it still caught me out of the blue."

The Gazette: Danielle Finlay-Edwards and her partner JohnDanielle Finlay-Edwards and her partner John (Image: Supplied)

Danielle, who is originally from Grangemouth, has had several chemotherapy sessions, however, these have not been successful.

And tragedy is still fresh in the family's memory after Danielle and Victoria lost their mum and dad in 2020 and 2021 - which they admit has brought them closer.

Danielle said: "After losing both our parents we all grew closer together over the last couple of years.

"We have been each other's support network."

The Gazette: Danielle Finlay-Edwards and her three sisters Danielle Finlay-Edwards and her three sisters (Image: Supplied)

Before having to give up work Danielle worked at Clinique as a make-up artist, something that she said she was always fascinated with.

When describing her dream wedding Danielle is looking to be treated "like a princess" with bling and purple wherever possible.

Fiance John still lives in Grangemouth but makes the three-hour round trip whenever he can to visit Danielle - with the couple looking forward to spending Valentine's Day together.

Speaking of her soon-to-be husband, Danielle said: "He has been giving me constant support and phone calls to make sure I am okay.

"He always makes sure that I have everything I need and always cooked me meals when we were back home.

"And when he is here he is still helping me when he can.

"I am looking forward to our meal on Valentine's Day when he comes to see me."

Victoria added that she wants her sister to have a memorable day and make sure that she is smiling and enjoying it.

She said: "We just want Danielle to have something memorable.

"And as her family we want to have those memories of Danielle where she is smiling and where she is happy.

"That is what is important to us."

The Gazette:

Sarah Speirs, care centre manager, said: "We deliver person-centred care at Carigielee and we look at people's aspirations, dreams and wishes.

"When Danielle wanted to marry her partner we aimed to make this happen.

"It was a Sunday when I was contacted and that was when I got to work to see what we as an organisation could do.

"She deserves to have the wedding of her dreams and if we can help provide that for her then that is what we will do."

If anyone would like to help Danielle with any aspects of her wedding such as dress, flowers or beauty aspects they are encouraged to contact Suzanne Stevenson of Wedding Wishmakers at info@weddingwishmakers.org.