Renfrewshire schools have received a share of £200,000 to fund progressive learning projects.

St Andrew’s Academy in Paisley is set to launch a ‘Research Hub’, while 10 other schools across the area are partnering with Glasgow Life to develop ‘The Library Young Team’.

The grant comes from the 2023/24 School Library Improvement Fund (SLIF), on behalf of the Scottish Government.

The funding, available to all state-run nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools with a library, prioritised applications which focused on supporting anti-racism and racial equality.

The Gazette: Jenny Gilruth, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, announces 2023-24 SLIF

Jenny Gilruth, cabinet secretary for Education and Skills, said: "School libraries play a key role in our efforts to further boost literacy and continue improving attainment, but they are also places where positive values can be developed and celebrated.

“Projects supported by this funding will help young people to understand the harmful consequences of racism and ensure they feel empowered to challenge discrimination.

“Scotland’s school libraries are a vital resource, and all children should have access to the opportunities they provide. This funding will help ensure that young people from all backgrounds feel the full benefits.”

The £200,000 2023/24 SLIF has been portioned among 21 initiatives across 13 local authority areas in Scotland, including two in Renfrewshire.

The Library Young Team, a partnered project with Glasgow Life, aims to highlight mental and social benefits of reading to S3 to S5 boys.

The Gazette: Jenny Gilruth, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, announces £200k SLIF projects

Authors Graeme Armstrong, Brian Conaghan and Alan Bissett will lead the project across ten secondary school libraries.

Meanwhile, St Andrew’s Academy's Research Hub which will be offered to senior students.

The hub will host a series of workshops teaching research skills ranging from seeking strategies to using online resources.

The workshop will also focus on research topics concerning social justice, anti-racism, and gender equality.

In total, the Scottish Government has invested £1.7m in the SLIF since its inception.

The fund allows school library services to meet the key objectives of the national strategy document 'Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023'.

Pamela Tulloch, chief executive of SLIC, said: "School libraries play a key role in accelerating education and learning, and ensuring every young person has the chance to fulfil their full potential by enabling access to information and creative opportunities.

“We’re particularly proud to award support to those advocating for anti-racism and anti-discrimination through this year’s Fund, with many projects aiming to increase access and support for pupils who may experience barriers to learning, including those with Additional Support Needs (ASN) and pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL).

"We look forward to seeing these initiatives come to life.”

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