Passengers using Glasgow Airport's drop off and pick up area will be hit with a further price increase.

The charge for the express area will now cost people £5.50 for 15 minutes, 50p up from the previous cost which was raised to £5 from £4 this time last year.

For anyone that stays longer than the 15-minute allocated time, they will be charged £1 for every minute they go over their time.

A short stay (60 minutes) will cost £15.

Passengers can still have up to one hour free at the long stay car park which is located on Arran Avenue. Passengers can get a free shuttle bus to the car park from the airport.

All blue badge holders have a 30-minute free drop off & pick up window in car park 2.

The charge increase came into effect as of midnight on February, 14.

However, the rise in charges has been met with backlash.

Alpha Taxis Johnstone says that it is "unfortunate" that they need to pass the additional charge onto their customers.

In a post online they said: "We want to let all customers know that with effect from February 14, Glasgow International Airport will be increasing their drop off/pick up fee at the airport.

"They are increasing the charge by 50p which will bring the charge up to £5.50.

"Obviously this increase is outwith our control and unfortunately we do need to pass this increase on to our customers.

"The drop off fee/pick up fee will be automatically added onto your fare by our computer system and this will show on the driver's PDA.

"Please also note that all roads surrounding the airport are classed as Urban Clearways and it is therefore illegal for a vehicle to stop on any of the airport's road network.

"In addition to this, drivers are being booked by the police for dropping off or picking up from the BP garage.

"It will be down to the driver's discretion if they are willing to take the chance on stopping there."

People took to the comments to express their anger at the charges coming into place.

One person said: "What an absolute disgrace."

Whilst another said: "Between the airport and Renfrewshire Council they are doing a great job of trying to kill off Paisley.

"Absolutely disgusting, just pure greed."

As part of an annual review, the Pick-Up and Drop-Off tariff has been increased by 50p to £5.50 for 15 minutes from today (Wednesday 14 February).

A Glasgow Airport spokesperson said: “We would remind passengers that this facility is designed purely for pick-up and drop-off transactions under 15 minutes. Anyone planning to stay longer should use one of our short-stay parking options.

“The free option in our Long-Stay Car Park has also been increased from 30 minutes to one hour and is serviced by an on-demand 24-hour shuttle service.”