Senior Renfrewshire Council officers will tackle issues relating to schooling in Dargavel Village at a series of “crucial” events.

A number of information sessions and public meetings have and will be taking place at Dargavel Primary School in Arrochar Drive, Bishopton.

The exercise forms part of a consultation which covers two key points – the proposal to build an additional primary school at Craigton Drive and a review of the catchment areas.

A newbuild is needed for the housing development after the existing facility, which opened in January 2022, was built far smaller than it needed to be.

Parents, carers and members of the community can sign up to attend information sessions, which will allow them to meet officers working on the project in an informal setting and raise issues for their consideration.

Sessions will be held on Monday, February 26 and Thursday, February 29. All events are on from 6pm to 9pm.

Residents can also sign up to public meetings, which intend to allow key issues to be discussed in more detail.

These will be held on Monday, February 19 and Tuesday, March 5. Both events are on from 7pm to 9pm.

Gerry Lyons, the council’s interim head of education, said in a letter: “The consultation covers two issues – the location of the proposed new primary school, and a review of the catchments serving it and the existing Dargavel Primary.

“It’s really important we capture as wide a range of views from the local community as we can.

“The events – all at Dargavel Primary, over the next few weeks – are crucial to help us do that.”

Botched calculations initially predicted the roll at Dargavel Primary wouldn’t exceed 430 pupils but up-to-date expert analysis has suggested demand could peak at 1131 by 2033.

The errors left behind a bill of £45 million for a second primary school – which will be able to hold 800 pupils and the council hopes to open by 2027 – and £15m towards an extension at Park Mains High School.