STAFF at a Renfrew gym hosted a fundraiser day as they "rowed" to Dublin in aid to help people who are homeless. 

David Lloyd employees used row machines from when the centre opened at 6am until 10pm.

The aim of the day earlier this month was to have two people rowing at all times to try and hit their goal of reaching the distance to the Irish capital - with people interchanging throughout the day.

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The Gazette: Jackie Currie on a rowing machineJackie Currie on a rowing machine (Image: Anthony Flett)

The Gazette:

The charity which the money was being raised for was the Kindness charity - which looks to help homeless people by providing hot meals and clothes.

In total the team travelled 251 miles and raised £700.

Jackie Currie, clubroom manager at David Lloyds Renfrew, said it was an experience that the staff looked forward to taking part in.

She said: "We have loads of different people here in the gym, with people of all different abilities.

"Everyone enjoyed pulling together and joining in as a team and having fun.

"And as a company, we always try and do a charity fundraiser once a month.

"It was all fun for everyone."

The Gazette:

Staff members at the Renfrew gym also joined the Kindness team on their journey of helping people earlier this month as they travelled to George Square, handing out meals and clothes. 

Jackie added: "With January and February being cold months we wanted to do something that would really help people now.

"They were really happy to hear that we would be coming along to join them and raising money which would help."