The boss of Glasgow Airport has come under fire from staff after a plan to move their car park sparked fury.

The proposal for workers to leave their cars in the airport’s long-stay facility saw Ronald Leitch, the airport’s interim chief operating officer, promise a meeting with unions in a bid to quell unrest.

But union bosses say the offer to speak to staff is ‘too little too late’ and are calling for the switch to be scrapped.

Mr Leitch has called for a summit as he says he wants to reassure staff who will be expected to catch shuttle buses from the car park to the main airport building, with the existing one handed over to be used by passengers under the new plans.

But GMB organiser Robert Deavy says the offer after the plans were made public is ‘far too late’ - and urged management to hit pause on the changes to allow for a proper and meaningful consultation process.

Mr Deavy added: “These plans will fundamentally change our members’ working day.

“It will add to their commute, and it will mean many waiting for shuttle buses in an isolated car park in the early hours of the morning.

“It is absolutely no surprise that staff are overwhelmingly opposed to this plan and have very serious concerns about its impact.

“For executives to offer to discuss the changes after they have been announced is totally meaningless.

“They must first halt these plans and then seriously engage with us to find a way forward.

“This situation could not have been handled any more badly by management but their refusal to consult has only united staff in anger and opposition.”

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport says bosses want to find a resolution that works well for both parties but say the move will still go-ahead next month.

They added: “Our airport partners were made aware in December that staff parking would move to the long-stay facility based within our campus grounds. The change will be implemented on Monday 4 March.

“The Long-Stay Car Park facility, which includes 24/7 CCTV monitoring and is used by tens of thousands of passengers each year, has been utilised as a staff facility on previous occasions.

“We anticipate welcoming an additional one million passengers this year and continue to see staffing levels increase across the airport, which is welcome news. The decision to move the staff car park to this secure facility has been made to help support this increase in demand.

“Our management team is responding to feedback from our campus partners regarding the staff facility and will address any concerns raised. We will also monitor the performance of the car park when it becomes operational next month and implement necessary changes or adaptations to the service if required."