The possible closure of the Milldale Centre in Linwood has left one mum with "a lot of sleepless nights".

Annmarie Miller, from Ferguslie Park, admits that she feels Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) hasn't listened to how she, or her son Ian, feels.

Annmarie's son has been attending the Milldale Centre for 19 years and she said that it was a personal choice to send him there instead of the Mirin, in Paisley, as it "suited his needs" better.

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But now there are proposals to merge both centres.

Ian has Cerebral Palsy and complex learning difficulties which have affected his balance, speech and motor skills.

And Annmarie is a full-time unpaid carer who feels that the centre helps give her much-needed support.

Speaking about the assistance her son receives, she said: "He relies on the well-trained and dedicated staff to support him. 

"This allows him to take part in social interaction with his peers in a safe and well-managed way without his parents having to facilitate this. 

"Merging the centres would have a massive impact on this due to the additional number of supported individuals and staff in a facility designed to support a lesser number. 

"The need for centre facilities for personal care, storage of changes of clothes and medication etc is vital for my son's health and wellbeing.

"Renfrewshire Council were applauded for their forward thinking in the establishment of these two flagship services within community buildings.

"This is unbelievable how this has even been proposed."

The Gazette: Annmarie with her son IanAnnmarie with her son Ian (Image: Supplied)

We previously reported how another mum Lesley Orr, mother of Katie who attends the Milldale Centre, had said the site is a "lifeline" for her daughter. 

The proposal comes as Renfrewshire Council tries to tackle its ever-growing £14.7 million deficit.

A spokesperson for Renfrewshire HSCP previously stated that they would "continue to listen to, and work with individuals, families, and carers".

However, Annmarie believes that she has not been part of the process and revealed how she feels "ignored".

She said: "I don't feel as if Renfrewshire HSCP has listened, worked with or supported me or my son in any way. 

"They have just caused me worries and a lot of sleepless nights.

"We as unpaid carers were only invited to a meeting with the HSCP to discuss the merger of Mirin and Milldale adult day centres."

The Gazette: Annmarie's son IanAnnmarie's son Ian (Image: Supplied)

And the full-time carer revealed that she had been told that the Milldale Centre was the one being proposed to be shut because of "postcode".

She went on to say: "At the meeting, we were informed that the proposal was to close Milldale and keep Mirin. 

"When asked how this was decided we were told it was postcodes. 

"Next we were told that 33 people in supported living will no longer be allowed places at the day centre. 

"Some of these people have been at the centre with my son for over 19 years. 

"They have been discarded with no explanation or consideration on the impact this will have on them or my son."

A spokesperson from Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) said: “Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) have a duty to set a balanced budget, alongside ensuring services align to Scottish Government key policy, and recognised good practice.

“For the majority of people currently benefiting from the high standard of services provided at Mirin and Milldale, there would be no reduction in allocation or transport provision.

"For this group, the proposed merger would offer opportunities to improve service quality through the implementation of more efficient staffing and transport management.

"The proposal also outlines a personalised approach for those in Supported Living to access alternative support, which may be required. This would include consideration of where there are opportunities to link in with HSCP community outreach activities where possible.

“Through our engagement activity we explained that, as part of completing an Equality Impact Assessment and Options Appraisal for IJB consideration, the process to identify the most appropriate base would consider a range of factors.

"These would include proximity and accessibility for the majority of people to access each current base, ease of access to community activities, support and future opportunities - and the analysis of views and rationale from engagement feedback.

“We are proud of the high-quality services we deliver to people with a learning disability in Renfrewshire - and the commitment and dedication shown by our staff.

"These proposals are an opportunity to modernise our existing service models and deliver more efficiently."