A Renfrewshire councillor has spoken of his "delight" after a budget boost for Johnstone and surrounding villages was announced.

It comes after Renfrewshire Council held its budget meeting today in Paisley.

Andy Doig, who represents Johnstone North, Kilbarchan, Howwood and Lochwinnoch, says that the outcome has resulted in “hard lobbying” from the independent councillor to get a better deal.

Cllr Doig said: “I am delighted that once again my efforts have borne fruit in the budget’s investment in villages halls, with an upgrade to the kitchens in Howwood Village Hall, enhanced lighting and safety measures at the notorious B776 Bowfield Country Club junction.

"It also included an upgrade to the acoustics at the McKillop Institute in Lochwinnoch, and money for business signage in Lochwinnoch.

“With recent speculation over the future of a new Thorn Primary, I am delighted to back a budget where this is reaffirmed. 

“This will be very welcomed by my Johnstone town centre families, parents, and children alike. 

“Through time, when budgets allow, I also hope to see a new Johnstone High School scheduled over the next few years which is very much needed.

“Also very much welcomed will be the commitment to upgrade the communal areas at Provost Close in Johnstone town centre.

"I pushed for a new foyer in 2016 and this will be the first time since the 1970s that the communal areas have been upgraded which is fantastic.”

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Speeding has been a huge issue across many of the villages in Renfrewshire according to the independent councillor.

He revealed that Kilbarchan will “soon see the benefits” of a safe walking rural initiative after he previously helped deliver it in recent budgets.

Cllr Doig said: “Speeding is a major issue in all our villages and recent budgets I have helped to deliver have included the Safe Walking Rural Initiative. 

“Kilbarchan will soon see the benefits of this later this year, however, I have a pledge from council officers to examine the feasibility of bringing Parkview Lane back into operation as a parking area for Parkview residents in Kilbarchan. 

“This will relieve congestion and is a step forward”.