The news of the introduction of a speed camera on a road where a Paisley grandad was killed has been described as "welcomed".

Councillor Anne Hannigan said that she is "relieved" to learn that a new fixed-speed camera will be installed on Brediland Road.

We previously reported that Jim Paterson, 63, died after being hit by a car on November 27, 2022.

A 26-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with the fatal crash.

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Cllr Hannigan says that the move will "hopefully help prevent another tragic death" on the busy road.

She said: "This will be welcomed by local residents who have been asking for action to be taken for such a long time.

"When I was knocking on doors in early 2022, speeding and general driving behaviour on Brediland Road was frequently mentioned as a major concern, and sadly in November 2022 a precious life was lost.

"This will hopefully help prevent another truly tragic death on this stretch where all who use the road regularly witness speeding and frequent disregard of lights, which is unacceptable on all our roads but is even more selfish and worrying given the presence of two primary schools and a high school.

"I have pushed for better road safety since I was elected, as it is an issue about which I am passionate for personal reasons."

The Gazette:

The Liberal Democrat representative for Paisley southwest is also looking for 20mph speed limit zones to be enforced during school hours.

And the councillor has also said that she hopes Renfrewshire will be the "front runners" in reaching Vison Zero - a target to have zero fatalities and injuries on Scotland’s roads by 2050.

Cllr Hannigan said: "I hope my plea for enforceable 20mph zones during school hours will also be actioned, and a survey on Garry Drive will prove the need for measures here too as parents are very concerned that it is increasingly becoming a "rat run" and there are no safety measures at all for children crossing.

"I also pushed for a reduced speed limit and cameras to be installed in Corsebar Road as a result of my own experiences here, and complaints from very concerned residents.

"The survey which was carried out in early January failed to show speeds which would justify either, but it was acknowledged that there were some fairly high speeds, therefore the results were being passed to the police with a request for further action.

"I know I have witnessed very high speeds here, and the resident whose wall was destroyed a few years ago would I am sure bear witness to this, so I hope that another survey will be conducted in the near future.

"My hope is that Renfrewshire can be a front runner with this as they are with other excellent initiatives, like RenZero.

"Surely we can all share this vision which would save lives and prevent life-changing injuries."