Serious concerns have been raised about the sale of mislabelled, unsafe and counterfeit vapes in Renfrewshire.

Trading Standards have recovered non-compliant products on the “majority” of visits to shops selling the products.

The startling revelation was revealed in a service update report to the council’s communities and housing policy board recently.

Officers have targeted premises near secondary schools due to the growing popularity of vapes among young people.

The paper said that in approximately 50 per cent of cases, the trader has been aware the products are non-compliant.

Councillor Gillian Graham, Labour group education spokesperson, said she was “shocked” by this development.

The report explained: “Non-compliant for these purposes includes mislabelled, unsafe or counterfeit products.

“Visits have been targeted around secondary schools, as young persons are known to be an increasing user group of these products.

“In around 50 per cent of cases, the trader is aware that the products are non-compliant.

“Businesses are given enhanced advice and guidance on compliance, as well as information around underage sales.

“The non-compliant products are signed over to the service for destruction, in order that they can be removed from the supply chain.”

Councillor Graham, who represents Johnstone North and the surrounding villages, previously outlined her support for tougher measures on the advertising and sale of disposable vapes.

In January, she told the communities and housing policy board: “Anecdotally, we know that some pupils are using a single disposable vape every day.

“That’s equivalent to 20 cigarettes. It’s an enormous amount of nicotine in their system, enormously addictive.

“Pupils will vape in and around school grounds and we know the evidence of this because we see the disposable vapes littering the streets around the schools.

“Worst of all, they’re vaping between classes. That suggests they’re already addicted.

“The sooner the ban can come in – and also how vapes are displayed should be the same as cigarettes – it can’t come soon enough.”

A ban on the sale and supply of single-use vapes in Scotland is due to come into effect on April 1, 2025, the Scottish Government announced in February.

At last week’s board, Councillor Graham said: “We’ve talked before and we all agree about disposable vapes and I still welcome officers targeting businesses which sell vapes, particularly those near our schools.

“I don’t imagine I’m alone here in being shocked that when they investigated the businesses, 50 per cent of businesses knew that they were selling vapes that are either mislabelled, unsafe or counterfeit – half of those visited.

“It really just underlines how much money there is to be made in selling vapes and most concerningly that these are being targeted at young people of school age.”