Works on the “acoustics” at the existing Dargavel Primary School – planned to take place in the summer holidays – are expected to be finished by August.

An update on the planned improvements for the facility in Arrochar Drive, Bishopton, has been provided by a senior officer at Renfrewshire Council.

The issue was raised by Councillor Gillian Graham, Labour group education spokesperson, at the education and children’s services policy board last week.

Commenting on a report on the local authority’s learning estate, she said: “It refers to internal alterations to the existing Dargavel Primary School.

“Forgive me if I’ve missed this before but I don’t remember hearing about this.

“I’m just looking for a bit of information – what are the alterations that are taking place and why?

“Will this impact on the space per pupil? Do we have any indication on costs involved?”

Gerry Lyons, interim head of education, confirmed an approximate timeline for the works.

He also explained they were necessary because of issues relating to “noise” at the school.

Mr Lyons said: “The alterations that are being made are around acoustics, so there’s an issue about the open plan nature of the school, there has been some feedback that there’s some challenges around the noise and the management of that.

“These alterations are designed to respond to that concern … It won’t affect any of the children accessing their learning.

“We intend it enhancing their learning because it’s much more manageable. That’s the intent and the completion date for that will be August.

“I’m not altogether sure exactly the cost at this point but that’s something I can confirm and I can do that immediately after the meeting for you.

“But that was in response to feedback on the early operation of the school and some of the issues that the teachers were raising, so that’s where the acoustics works come from.”