Several motorists have had their cars seized in Paisley after cops discovered alleged driving offences.

Road cops say that the same patrol team stopped three cars for a "number of offences" at the start of a “busy shift” yesterday evening (March 21).

One driver, of a black Golf, had their car seized in Paisley after officers claimed the driver had no insurance.

The Gazette:

A second driver of a black Volkswagen was also found to reportedly have no insurance and had their car seized after being stopped on the M8 in Paisley.

The Gazette:

And a third driver was also reported after their van was allegedly overweight after being pulled over on the M8 at St James.

The Gazette:

Road police say that despite not being halfway through their shift, several cars had been taken off the road already.

A post on social media said: “It has been a busy start for #GlasgowRP late shift in Paisley.

“Since the start of the shift, the same RP car has taken the vehicles below off the road and they aren't even halfway through. 

“Remember our simple advice and #DontRiskIt.”