CONCERNS have been raised around the future of a "much-loved" park in Renfrew after reports of it being sold.

Clydeview Park, which runs alongside the River Clyde in Ferry Village, opened in 2005 and has been a popular spot for community members to use for recreational activities.

However, after claims that the land, which is privately owned, has now changed hands from the previous owner - concerns have been raised about the future of the area with not much known about who now owns the land.

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The Gazette: Jamie McGuire in Clydeview ParkJamie McGuire in Clydeview Park (Image: Anthony Flett)

An anxious resident, who would like to remain anonymous, often uses the park and says not only will the community be losing a vital green space but pets will be affected too.

They said: "The park is really vital to everyone who lives in Renfrew.

"It is often talked about mental health issues and how open spaces help.

"We need a park there because of the amount of building that has taken place since 2008.

"All the residents who have dogs use the park too and it is a much-loved park.

"It would be a shame if they sold it off for property."

The Gazette:

The park was originally built as part of a regeneration project led by public and private sector organisations which focused on revitalising the River Clyde from Braehead to Renfrew town centre.  

When being designed, children from five Renfrew primary schools - Moorpark, Newmains, Kirklandneuk, St James and Arkleston helped design sculptures that would appear - and still do to this day - in the park.

Jamie McGuire, Scottish Labour councillor, described the park as "appalling" with the condition that it has been left in and he is looking into what can be done.

He said: "I have reached out to the factors to get some clarification about the land and I have not heard anything.

"I will be doing my utmost to protect the park whoever owns it.

"But it is absolutely appalling the condition that it has been left in. The fact the park has been left to rot for many years now is disgraceful.

"I have tried to organise meetings with factors but have not been able to get anywhere yet.

"It has been hard enough to figure out who actually runs the place - which is something I still don't actually know.

"It is a vital green space for the people in Ferry Village, especially because most of that is flats and it is somewhere people can go."

The Gazette: Gavin Newlands

Gavin Newlands, MSP for Renfrewshire North and Paisley, also raised his concerns on the matter as he urged the new owners to keep a previous promise made.

He said: “This is an ongoing issue and my understanding is that the park and the land it is built on are privately owned and privately managed and that the ownership of the park and land recently changed hands.

"I’ve contacted Renfrewshire Council highlighting the concerns of myself and other local residents, and asking what action they might be in a position to carry out, but the simple fact is the responsibility for the facility lies with the owners and not the taxpayers.

"Clearly this is a key community resource and the promises made to the people of Renfrew nearly 20 years ago about the amenity that would be provided to the community must be kept – indeed, in the words of the original developers it was to be 'a major asset, benefiting local residents and the growing number of people living and working at Braehead and Renfrew Riverside'.

"That promise must be kept.”