Plans to build 45 affordable homes on a plot of land next to a roundabout in Paisley have been refused by Renfrewshire Council.

Springfield Properties proposed the development – which a planning report said was “specifically designed” for the ambulant disabled – for a site between Abbeyfield House and Ivy Gardens on Station Road.

However, the blueprint for the flats didn’t get the green light at the planning and climate change policy board on Tuesday after a majority of elected members agreed the planning application should be rejected.

A report, which was considered by the board, said the plans – because of their height, scale and design – would have an “intrusive and over-dominant impact on the character of the existing built environment and its residential amenity”.

Councillor John McNaughtan, an SNP representative for Paisley East and Central, echoed this sentiment, adding: “I agree with the planning officers’ assessment on this one … Clearly in terms of its height, scale and design, it’s not appropriate.

“In some cases in planning, there are grey areas and this isn’t one of them.

“It’s quite clearly not an appropriate design for this location and I would support the recommendation.”

On the other hand, Councillor Ben Smith, a Labour representative for Paisley Northwest, felt the proposals did offer a continuance of the built form in the area.

He added: “It’s across the road from a block of flats, it’s one storey higher than a block of flats, the front that faces those block of flats is the same colour, more or less, as that block of flats. It’s a residential area.

“What should be on our minds at all times when we’re making decisions on planning, especially now, is the fact that we do have a housing emergency, crisis, serious problem, and I don’t think we’re in the luxury to spuriously refuse … planning applications.”

But ultimately the application for planning permission was unsuccessful after a vote saw nine councillors opt for refusal and five for approval.

Reacting to the outcome, Tom Leggeat, Springfield Partnerships managing director, said: “Whilst this is the outcome we were anticipating following the recommendation for refusal for much-needed affordable housing in Paisley, we are thoroughly disappointed and confused that our proposal has been refused by Renfrewshire Council.

“Since submitting our designs over 18 months ago, we have worked closely with planning officers and have been previously encouraged by the positive feedback received.

“These 45 affordable apartments within a dementia-friendly living complex would provide accessible living to local people who need it the most and in an area where all the local infrastructure needed to support them already exists.

“It is no secret that every Scottish area needs more homes and that we are facing a national crisis.

“We should be asking serious questions about local authorities who block applications for good quality and energy efficient homes, as opposed to working with developers to deliver them.

“We fully intend to appeal this decision.”