A driver has had their vehicle seized after cops discover 'one of the worst ever' dangers.

Road police officers stopped the car in Elderslie recently and were shocked to discover the state of the tyre.

Taking to social media to highlight their findings, the road cops revealed a tyre which was bulging and deformed.

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The Gazette:

The force called it "by far one of the worst" they had seen and that it could pop "at any time".

They further warned other drivers of the dangers and penalties they could face if they were found to have unsuitable tyres.

The post said: "Road Policing officers recently stopped two separate vehicles in Elderslie. The first had a tyre that's the worst we have ever seen.

"This tyre has multiple bulges along the side - indicating the tyre wall has structurally failed.

"This tyre could go pop at any time - putting the drivers, passengers, and other members of the public's life at risk.

"Want to know how a tyre gets like this? It could be defective - but more often than not it's because of bumping up cars onto kerbs or over other sharp obstacles.

"Any bulge in a tyre is a serious cause for concern. It will fail an MOT.

"If we stop you it's three points and £100 via a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty.

"If it pops when you're driving you could kill someone. Check your tyres - and not just the tread - regularly.

"This driver was offered a Conditional Offer - and their car was prohibited from being driven until the tyre was replaced."

A second car in Eldeslire was also stopped by road cops who reportedly heard noises similar to a "small tank" as they drove past.

After stopping the vehicle cops discovered the exhaust was snapped.

The Gazette:

The force claims that the car part was held on by "string and cable ties".

They said: "The second car in Elderslie sounded like a small tank as it drove past.

"A quick peek underneath explained why... If your car doesn't sound quite right - get it checked. Snapped exhausts not only sound horrific, and an MOT failure, but depending on where they snap they could be letting harmful gasses into the atmosphere before being passed through exhaust emission control devices (catalytic converters etc.).

"This exhaust was also held on by string and cable ties - certainly not what the manufacturer had made."