A bus firm has condemned a “reprehensible attack” after one of its drivers was allegedly assaulted with a glass bottle to the head.

Police rushed to the scene yesterday (Tuesday, April 2) in Paisley town centre after being alerted to an incident on the number 61 McGill’s service.

It is also believed the driver was "kicked in the back” during the shocking turn of events.

A spokesperson for McGill's Buses said: "An assault on one of our drivers on our number 61 service took place in Paisley town centre on Tuesday, April 2, shortly after 8.30pm.

"Following interaction with a group of youths who were congregated at a stop, the driver was assaulted with a glass bottle to the head as he returned to his cab.

“It is also believed that he was kicked in the back during the incident."

A passenger on board the bus helped the driver during the alleged incident and the bus firm thanked them for their assistance.

They also expressed gratitude at the swift response of the police who attended the scene quickly.

"We are now in the process of supplying CCTV footage of the incident to police to help them identify the perpetrators,” added the spokesperson.

“This is a reprehensible attack on one of our colleagues and McGill's Group will do everything it can to ensure that justice is brought to bear on those responsible."

Thankfully the driver is believed to be “fine” after the incident.

On hearing of the alleged attack, residents took to social media to express their dismay and share their concern for the driver.

One said: “The driver I got tonight said it’s becoming more frequent which is awful and folk are refusing to pay bus fares.”

"Was on the bus about one month ago at 10.30 and a boy tried to fight the driver because he wouldn’t let him on due to blaring music from a speaker,” they added.

Another stated: “The buses are just going to start being stopped at a certain time due to behaviour like this.

“People can’t go out to their jobs without fearing of being hurt.

"Daftys ruining it for everybody else. Hope the driver is okay.

“I was on the bus the other day to work and honestly wee boys about 13 were going off their nuts calling the driver all sorts because he wasn’t carrying change so couldn’t exchange their fares,” they also added. 

Police Scotland has been approached for comment.