OneRen has come under fire over an increase in prices for this year – as a veteran politician warned “people will not be happy” about it.

The trust responsible for leisure, culture and sport in Renfrewshire announced the “difficult decision” at the end of March – citing rising costs linked to running its facilities.

The changes, which kicked in at the start of this month, have attracted criticism from Councillor Iain McMillan, who feels they haven’t been communicated properly.

The Labour group leader, who represents Johnstone South and Elderslie, also believes some of the jumps – such as from £5.50 to £7 for an adult gym admission – are a “bit excessive”.

Councillor McMillan said: “We as councillors don’t get told anything about price changes and that’s something that we in the Labour group have real concern about.

“You’d have thought they might have notified councillors because we’re the people on the frontline if you like, but we weren’t told and I find it pretty rude actually to implement these charges and not tell us.

“I’ve no doubt we will be getting asked about it once it feeds out to the general population. I use Johnstone Community Sports Hub most days of the week so I mix with a lot of people who use the facilities – football, swimming, gym, the lot – and people will not be happy.

“One that was highlighted to me was the gym going up to £7, which seems a bit excessive to be honest. You just feel as if you are getting battered at the moment with everything going up.”

The price of a fitness class has risen from £6.50 to £7, junior gym admission from £3.25 to £3.50 and junior swim at Erskine, Johnstone and Renfrew Victory Baths from £2 to £2.20 and from £2.25 to £2.40 at the Lagoon and On-X.

A family swim has increased from £10.50 to £12, an adult swim at Erskine, Johnstone and Renfrew from £4 to £4.40 and from £4.50 to £4.85 at the Lagoon and On-X, with a senior swim going from £1.50 to £1.60.

Prices for court hire and playing fields and associated facilities have also risen. However, there will be no price increase to direct debits at this time.

A OneRen spokesperson said: “In response to increased costs, we made the difficult decision to increase our prices from April 1.

“However, at OneRen we also recognise the current cost-of-living crisis everyone is experiencing and we are working hard to provide our services at an affordable price.

“The majority of our customers are paying membership fees that provide value for money and offer a wide range of services at venues across Renfrewshire and we will continue to develop promotional opportunities and new products throughout the year to provide further value to our customers.”