Planning permission has been granted subject to conditions for work to increase the number of bedrooms at a Paisley hotel.

Approval has been given by Renfrewshire Council for external alterations in association with the formation of eight additional bedrooms at The Watermill in Lonend.

The alterations include the formation of two dormers to the rear of the hotel and the infilling and formation of various window and door openings on an extension to the rear of the hotel.

The Gazette:

According to the report of handling published in conjunction with the decision, the dormers would be small, would retain the character of the existing building and would not affect the principal elevation.

Similar style dormers are currently found to the rear of the property, it added, and the external openings that would either be infilled or formed are located on a modern, unlisted extension.

Indeed, the main three-story building of the former watermill turned hotel is Category C-listed, but the modern extension to the rear does not form part of the listing.

No objections were received to the plans, which were submitted by J Corbett Architecture Ltd on behalf of the applicant Milton Hotel and Leisure Group Limited.

The plans were approved on the condition that prior to the start of the approved work, full details of the external finishing materials shall be submitted to, and approved by, the Planning Authority.

Thereafter only the approved materials shall be used in order to safeguard the character and special interest of the building.