A WOMAN discovered she had cancer after driving over a speed bump.

Alarm bells rang for Lynn Graham when she felt a sudden pain in her chest while driving with partner Roy McLellan.

The 51-year-old, from Johnstone, then made a doctor's appointment which she almost cancelled when the pain dulled.

However, she was shocked when medics confirmed she actually had breast cancer and would have to undergo surgery and treatment.

Now she is recovering and warning others not to ignore crucial signs that something could be seriously wrong.
The Gazette:

Lynn said: “I was driving and felt a big pain come over me when I went over a speed bump, I thought ‘wow what was that’.

“I couldn’t feel a lump but the doctor did, I had almost cancelled my appointment when the pain stopped.

“Thank god I felt that pain and went to the doctor right away, I am telling everyone now to check themselves out if they think something is wrong.”

Lynn was diagnosed in May 2023 and then underwent major surgery in October before getting radiotherapy treatment.

Doctors believe they have removed all her cancer but she has to wait for more scans confirming this.

She is now taking every day as a gift and celebrated by going to see her hero Lulu at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow this week.

Lynn said the 75-year-old superstar's music really inspired and motivated her to get through treatment during her cancer battle.

She also bought herself a motor scooter that had always been her dream which is named “Lulu”.

The Gazette: Lynn is now in recoveryLynn is now in recovery (Image: Gordon Terris)

Lynn said: “I was blown away when Roy got me tickets for the show, Lulu is one of my idols and I hadn’t seen her before.

“I am actually in a band called Shout that plays 60s music and recently bought myself a scooter that is even called Lulu!

“Music was massive in getting me through my cancer treatment, I really relied on it for inspiration and staying positive.

“The gig was fantastic, the crowd was incredible and everyone was in amazing spirits.”

Lynn’s partner Roy, 55, shared how proud he is of Lynn and how she handled her devastating diagnosis.

He bought the Lulu tickets for her birthday after seeing how music helped her face her cancer.

He said: “When Lynn had pain that day in the car I knew something was wrong, I could tell by the look on her face.

“I encouraged her to keep her doctor's appointment even when the pain went down, I knew it was worth checking out.

“She has been so brave and positive through the full thing, she is really such a tremendously courageous person.

“It was such a shock and certainly wasn’t an easy process, but she came through it and music was a huge part of that.

“When I managed to get us tickets for Lulu I was so happy, it was very satisfying to see Lynn out enjoying herself again and in her element.”