A THEATRE show of a cinematic 90s classic is set to be performed in Johnstone later this month.

The Wedding Singer, which will be put on by the Johnstone Phoenix Theatre Group, will be performed at Johnstone's Town Hall from Wednesday until Saturday, April 24 to 27.

The show is based on the 1998 film The Wedding Singer which featured Adam Sadler, Drew Barrymore and Christine Taylor.

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The Gazette:

Jennifer Scott will be playing Taylor's role as Holly Sullivan in the show, who is Julia's cousin, and says it is an event she has been looking forward to.

She said: "The show aims to follow the same storyline as the film but it has more upbeat songs and colour dance sequences.

"There are some quirky characters too in the musical version of it that come to life more than the movie.

"It is one we are looking forward to bringing to Johnstone.

"This one is a little quirky too as we previously have done Shrek and Legally Blonde but this one is set in the 80s which is different from what we have done.

"But it is definitely one the full team is looking forward to taking part in and it is amazing bringing all the practising together."

The Gazette:

The Gazette:

Jennifer, 28, has been involved within the group in some capacity since 2007 and says being involved with the group is something she is "proud" of.

Last year the Johnstone theatre group celebrated a major milestone after turning 60.

And despite many aspects of the industry changing with the times, Jennifer said that adding a "modern twist" to many theatre classics has been fun.

She said: "Like everything, things change.

"When I first joined the club everything was very much 'this is how we do things', especially panto which was traditional.

"But now we have just finished Jack and the Bean Stalk which had more of a modernised twist on it.

"Previous pantos we would use items that would move off and on and re-arrange aspects of the production whereas now we can use a video wall which helps us explore different options."

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And Jennifer, whose day job is as a nurse, says getting to perform helps her escape.

She went on to say: "Personally for myself, it is a time away I don't need to think about how serious I need to be or how decisive something is.

"Throwing myself into something and getting knee-deep into a character is brilliant.

"Also, Phoneix Theatre Group, we are a big family.

"It's home away from home and we always try and put on our best show for everyone."

The show will start at 7.30pm for all the evening shows and 2pm for the matinee show on Saturday.