Linwood Bowling Club have shown off a flashy new bar at a spectacular open-day event. 

The club held the event last Saturday, April 13, with more than 40 people attending to celebrate the new bowling season getting underway.

Over the winter, the club undertook maintenance work to help "modernise" the premises which have been on Napier Street since 1902.

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The Gazette:

The Gazette:

The Gazette:

They installed a new bar which can be found in the lounge along with a new fence erected outside to separate the gas and the greens.

The club also have welcomed four new bowling members from their affiliation with mental health charity Kickin On.

The Gazette:

The Gazette:

The charity teamed up with the Linwood establishment over a year ago, something that has been deemed as a "strong" partnership by the club.

The Gazette: Allan Edmidton, left, with the president of the bowling club Allan Edmidton, left, with the president of the bowling club (Image: Supplied)

Allan Edmiston, vice president at Linwood Bowling Club, expressed his delight on the day being a success as he looks forward to another year.

he said: "It was a good day all round.

"The sun was shining and we managed to get all the games in that we wanted to do.

"Over 40 people came along which was great to see and everyone was in good sports.

"We are a community club and we are always here for our members.

"It is all about getting the community involved and that is what we always aim to do.

"Recently we as a club have grown and grown and I am proud to be part of it all."