Volunteers at St Mirren are looking to reduce the club's carbon footprint with a forward-thinking initiative.

#BuddieBinIt was organised, in cooperation with the club, by the SMiSA Volunteer Squad. It has seen the introduction of recycling bins throughout the stadium for use on matchdays.

This aims to make the club more eco-friendly and encourage fans to help protect the planet.

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Keith Lasley, the club's chief operations officer, Lynsey McLean, the club's general manager, and volunteers Jim Crawford and Ian McLaren met with Neil Bibby, Labour MSP for West Scotland, who visited St Mirren Park recently.

They discussed the waste and recycling initiative, which is among the first of its kind for senior football clubs.

The volunteer squad had already visited the Enva recycle plant in Linwood to ensure that the recycling process was followed through.

The current initiative, however, is only one of a number that the volunteers have delivered so far.

Previous actions include the installation of LED lighting throughout the stadium and the completion of an assessment of its water and power usage.

Actions under consideration include the installation of solar panels and electric vehicle charging points in the stadium grounds, and discussions with Zero Waste Scotland and Keep Scotland Beautiful have taken place to garner advice on this.

Mr Bibby said: “St Mirren’s #BuddieBinIt initiative shows that the club is not only doing a great job on the pitch but off it too.

"Climate change is a serious and urgent issue, and this initiative is a fantastic example of how football clubs and supporters can do their bit to help minimise its effects.

"The introduction of recycling bins in St Mirren Park is making a positive difference by encouraging fans to dispose of their litter responsibly and reduce the club’s carbon footprint.

"Clubs around Scotland should follow St Mirren’s example and deliver similar schemes in their own stadiums.”