Paisley Arts Centre hosted its first theatre performance since reopening following an extensive renovation.

The show chosen for the occasion was the enthralling When Mountains Meet, a true-life tale centered around musician Anne Wood.

The show attracted a packed auditorium, providing audiences with a captivating experience that combines gig theatre, storytelling, and stunning visuals.

(Image: Iman Akhtar (Image: Robin Mitchell))

When Mountains Meet recounts Anne's journey of self-discovery, being the child of a Scottish mother and a Pakistani father.

The narrative takes the audience through her experiences, from meeting her father for the first time to navigating the complexities of ingraining herself within a culture that initially viewed her as an outsider.

With the Scottish Highlands as the backdrop, the show expertly incorporates a blend of Scottish and Pakistani music.

Instruments like the electric harp, violin, tanpura drone, and sitar come together to create melodies that beautifully mirror Anne's cross-cultural journey.

She shared her enthusiasm, saying: "I was incredibly excited to bring When Mountains Meet to Paisley as one of the first shows in the newly refurbished Paisley Arts Centre.

"It was an honour to bring our show to the town and celebrate with everyone."

The new-look Paisley Arts Centre now boasts updated back-of-house and performance facilities, enhanced sound and lighting, and improved dressing rooms for artists.

The main auditorium sports new retractable seating to elevate the audience experience.

Furthermore, the public area at the entrance of the building has been remodeled with additional paving and seating.

The refurbished venue's reopening was met with delight by Victoria Hollows, chief executive of OneRen.

She said: "I'm delighted to see the Arts Centre open and thriving once again and this magnificent performance showed off our wonderful venue superbly.

"I look to more theatre shows, as well as music, comedy, and community activity, taking place at the Arts Centre as it remains one of Scotland's foremost small arts venues."

Further details on upcoming events can be found on the OneRen website.