Works to unblock gullies in Bridge of Weir are expected to take place this week amid claims certain roads become a “river” during bouts of bad weather.

Drainage in Donaldfield Road and Clevans Road is in need of attention because of a build-up of debris, sparking complaints from residents and fed-up village councillor James MacLaren, who insisted he chased the issue up in February.

However, Renfrewshire Council said it received a request to clean the gullies at the end of May and is scheduled to carry out the work “later this week”.

(Image: Supplied) Councillor MacLaren, a Conservative representative for Bishopton, Bridge of Weir and Langbank, said: “It had already been reported by a resident who contacted me and I chased it up in February.

“I’ve chased it up since then and been told an inspector’s going to come out and it’s been actioned for the work to be done.

“But we’re into June and it still hasn’t happened.

“I’ve been out since then asking for the roads to be swept because there’s gravel on the road. It still hasn’t happened.

“There are gullies further down the road that haven’t been emptied. When the rain falls, when it comes down heavily, this is like a river.

“The water is running down the road, it can’t get into the gullies because they’re blocked and it ends up flooding a house at the bottom of Clevans Road.”

(Image: Supplied) Councillor MacLaren said the area needs to be maintained to prevent water “heading down into the middle of the village” and causing flooding there.

He then added: “If the gullies were kept clear then at least we’d know what the problem was, whether there’s a flooding issue elsewhere or if the gully’s clear but not able to take the water then it’s the sewer that needs to be upgraded.

“But if the gullies aren’t clear then you just have to say the gullies need cleared.”

A council spokesperson said: “We maintain 37,000 road drainage gullies with an ongoing programme, attending to routes on a daily basis, inspecting and clearing watercourses and gullies and responding whenever we’re notified of an issue.

“We received a request to clean the gullies on Donaldfield Road and Clevans Road at the end of May.

“Our team added this request to our programme and are scheduled to carry out the work later this week.”