A MAN attacked a woman with a traffic cone over a dispute about playground bullying.

Scott Lawlar, of Park Gate, Erskine, also spat on his female victim during the prolonged attack on February 12, 2016.

Lawlar drove over 10 miles from his home in Erskine to Craigton Road, Craigton, to confront the woman about bullying incidents at a school.

The 29-year-old tracked the woman down to the local shops around 4.30pm where he assaulted her.

The accused spat on the woman’s face, forcing her to push him away.

He then slapped the her in the face before returning to his vehicle at the scene.

The victim reacted by kicking his vehicle, prompting him to get out of the car once again with another male.

The pair then pursued the victim.

Lawlar then picked up a traffic cone, threw it at her, causing it to strike her on the back before kicking her to the back.

After the accused had left the scene, the woman called the police to report the attack.

Cops caught up Lawlar and placed him under arrest.

He went on to make a full admission to the incident.

Lawlar appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court after pleading guilty to assaulting the female by spitting on her, slapping her on the head, pursuing her, throwing a traffic cone at her, striking her on the body with the cone and kicking her.

His defense agent told the court that a dispute between children resulted in the parents acting like children themselves.

He added that the female victim had attended at the home of the accused’s partner to discuss claims of bullying between children.

Lawlar’s partner then called him, prompting him to drive from Erskine with the intention of “having a word with her”.

He added that his client “accepted that the red mist came down and he should’ve walked away.”

The Sheriff told Lawler that there was no alternative to custody for his “cowardly attack”.

He was sentenced to six months in prison.