HUNDREDS of people have begun hunting around Erskine, Bishopton and Inchinnan in hope of bagging some hidden treasure.

That’s because talented crafter Heather Clissett has been ‘hiding’ examples of her handiwork – from pencil cases and purses to make up bags and phone pouches – in plain sight for someone in the community to find every week.

The 44-year-old’s crafty idea was inspired by her favourite artist, Haywire Visions, who hid some of his art in towns and villages he was passing through.

From there, Heather launched ‘Treasure Hunt Tuesday’, which involves leaving three items from her Made In Erskine range to be found in each town or village.

She uploads clues to the hiding spots on her Facebook page – now followed by hundreds of people – and those lucky enough to come across one of the hidden gems can upload their discovery to the comments section.

Usually the items are placed on benches or walls and at eye-level so kids can easily spot them too.

Heather told the Gazette: “I started this a few months ago after attending a craft fair and finding that I had a few things left over but I was stuck for storage. So I thought, why not have a bit of fun and give back to the community?

“I usually hide smaller things, like make-up bags or mini cushions, which I put in a clear freezer bag to protect it.

“Along with the item, I add a note with a message for whoever finds it telling them that it is a gift and linking to my Facebook page.

“Usually people are happy and surprised when they come across something, which is a nice response.”

Treasure Hunt Tuesday has proved so popular that Heather has now started hiding treats on other days of the week.

And she has encouraged other businesses to follow suit after seeing how good a marketing opportunity the hunts have been.

Heather said: "Any crafter can do it and it would be a good way to showcase small businesses in the area.”

To take part, visit