AN already struggling Erskine charity has been targeted by vandals.

Lamont Farm houses around 50 animals, ranging from donkeys to rabbits, as well as more exotic creatures such as snakes and tarantulas.

The Gazette recently reported that the charity is in desperate need of financial support to meet its running costs over the winter.

However a recent case of vandalism means that they will need to use crucial funds to repair their damaged property.

Lamont Farm said in a statement: "We found the damage on Sunday morning.

"It was the fence to our horse field that someone damaged and left lying there.

"We have had to repair the damage, as without doing so our horses wouldn’t be able to go out for exercise and this can affect their health.

"As you can imagine there has been a cost involved in this, money we didn’t really have to spend."

The farm are appealing to members of the public to make a small donation.

As the money spent on repairing the fence was earmarked for other essentials for the animals, volunteers will have to fundraise to try and recover some of the loss.

Lamont Farm added: "If you can donate even just £1 it really would help.

"Remember, you can also take out a membership or sponsor an animal if you fancy a way of supporting the farm while getting something back.

"There’s a huge variety of animals to choose from, if this is something that appeals to you then get in touch."

Money can be donated via PayPal ( or by bank transfer, or by cash or cheque at the farm.