A BOOKLET all about Johnstone will be handed out across the town to welcome new residents to the community.

Johnstone Business Consortium (JCB) is behind the booklets, which contain information about the history of Johnstone, as well as useful information such as telephone numbers and taxi firms.

The brochures were funded by the Renfrewshire Council LAC, and there will also be advertising space made available on the pages to generate extra revenue.

The full-colour booklet can be found in the library at Johnstone Town Hall and will distributed to all new-build properties in the town.

Rather than a weekly or monthly magazine, it will be updated as and when needed.

Allan Henderson, chairman of the JBC, told The Gazette: “The booklet is a way of welcoming people who are moving into Johnstone.

“Hopefully it will encourage people to stay in Johnstone too, rather than looking elsewhere.”

Around 1,000 copies have been published initially, with more to be printed as and when required.

Mr Henderson added: “It’s less about events but more about the history and useful numbers.

“These brochures are our way of saying: ‘welcome to our town and look what we have to offer.’”