A TRAMPOLINE took off and landed outside a Johnstone shop as stormy weather continues to batter Renfrewshire.

In a photo uploaded by the Johnstone Keystore, the children's play frame can be seen sitting between the shop and bus stop.

Huge gusts of winds have managed to lift the heavy metal object up and outside the store located at Graham Street.

A post on the Keystore Johnstone page read: "Has someone lost their trampoline thanks to to the wind?

"It’s stuck between our shop window and the bus stop if you could come collect it that would be great."

Residents were amused at the unusual location of the trampoline.

Christian Fallows said: "Seen it in the air thought it was a UFO."

Craig Gillespie said: "When you need too bounce down the shop."

Linzi JW added: "It’s not a proper storm without a trampoline where it shouldn’t be."