A HOUSING support service in Linwood has had its rating for staffing, management and leadership downgraded following a Care Inspectorate check-up.

Linstone Housing had been deemed to have ‘good’ management and leadership in 2015, but this was knocked down to ‘adequate’ after an unannounced inspection in May.

Its staffing grading also suffered as that went from ‘very good’ to ‘good’.

However, it maintained its top rating for care and support, which it has boasted since 2014.

The report states: “The areas identified at the last inspection were still deemed relevant, however other priorities had taken precedence.

“We did receive positive comments about the manager, with staff stating that she was ‘approachable’ and ‘supportive’, however she did acknowledge that she needed to dedicate more time to this service.

“It will be a recommendation that staff receive regular supervision as it is important that they have the opportunity to discuss work-related issues.

“We were told that staff received good training opportunities, however we found that staff would benefit from further training in dementia awareness.”