A BANKSY-style painted pebble craze sweeping Linwood took on a deeper meaning this week as part of Remembrance Day commemorations.

Mysterious pensioner “Mrs Pebble” leaves hand-painted stones dotted around her home town for youngsters to find.

So far, pebble designs have included “rock monsters”, popular characters such as Minions and a range of emojis.

And the reactions of delighted children are regularly shared on the Linwood Pebbles Facebook page, where there are updates on when the pebbles are being laid out.

However, over the weekend the mysterious amateur artist, who wants to remain anonymous, laid out 62 poppy designed pebbles inscribed with the names of local heroes for kids to find.

She told The Gazette: “It was an honour to name each of the poppies after our fallen.

“A big thank you to all those who posted photos of your poppy pebble finds, it made me very happy.

“Especially those who took time to find out about the hero named on your pebble and sent me a message to tell me about them.

“I hope these little ones learned about our local heroes and will remember them.”

Mrs Pebble’s customised stones are put out across Linwood most nights, weather dependent.

During the autumn months, themed creations included fireworks for Bonfire Night, and she is now planning some festive fun, with snowflakes, penguins and Christmas creations.

And just like English graffiti artist Banksy, whose street art has been featured in cities throughout the world, Mrs Pebble is happy to share for free.