CHRISTMAS is just around the corner now...and pupils at Our Lady of Peace Primary School, in Linwood, simply can’t wait.

Gazette reporter Steph Brawn visited the school to find out what Christmas means to the pupils.

Eight-year-old Harry Cavanagh (pictured above left) was one of the youngsters who were keen to have a say.

He revealed: “I have asked for a Nintendo Switch and am excited about spending the day with my family.”

Featured below are six other Our Lady of Peace Primary pupils who had special requests for Santa.

The Gazette wishes you a merry Christmas.

Faith McCallum

Faith McCallum, eight, said: “I love Christmas because it brings families together and you get to see people you haven’t seen in a long time.
“I have asked Santa for a microphone this year because I want to be a famous singer in the future.
“I am really excited about Christmas this year. It’s a special time.”

Anna Atherton

Eight-year-old Anna Atherton said she is on the hunt for a new wardrobe this Christmas.
She revealed: “I have asked for some new clothes – tops in particular.
“I’m looking forward to time with my family but Christmas is also about Jesus. I always pray at the dinner table to thank him for all the food we have.”

Lewis Robertson

Lewis Robertson, eight, said: “I would like a Nintendo Switch for Christmas as I really love playing Mario games.
“I will also be going to Soar in Renfrew over Christmas, which I love doing.
“All my family bring me joy. It makes me so happy seeing everyone enjoying themselves.
“I love presents too.”

Ross McKay

Nine-year-old Ross McKay hopes to add to his video game collection when Santa visits.
He said: “I would really love a Call of Duty game for my Xbox One.
“I love seeing everyone get together and have a good time at Christmas. That’s what I like the most about this time of year.
“I like seeing my grandparents.”

Jude Tobin

Jude Tobin, nine, said he was keen to keep with the trends and get a new phone from Santa.
He added: “I have asked for a new Google Pixel 2 for Christmas and I would also like some Xbox games.
“I think it’s really special we get to spend time with family, especially as I have a baby brother.”

Craig Moore

EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Craig Moore revealed he is spending Christmas abroad this year – and can hardly wait.
He said: “We’re going to Florida, to Disneyland, and I’m really excited.
“I love opening my presents and, this year, I’ve asked for some Pokemon tins which have cards in them.
“It’s going to be great.”