Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has shown off a hidden talent on Good Morning Britain (GMB) today.

Lewis played the tune of Happy Birthday using his ear, leaving fellow GMB presenter Susanna Reid speechless.

Usually addressing major money conundrums from viewers, Lewis took time to show off his lighter side and his hidden musical talent. 

The Money Saving Expert said: "I'm not warmed up. I'll try and do Happy Birthday, this may go wrong."

Before launching into a rendition of the birthday song using his eardrum.

Once finished Reid said: "Woah, well, I mean that is why we win awards (holding up the TRIC Award trophy GMB won recently) like this. That's why we have special recognition.

"I bet you can't do that, can you Nigel Farage."

But Lewis issued a warning for those looking to try the trick at home. 

He added: "Don't do it too hard, you can damage your eardrum."

Fans react to Martin Lewis' hidden talent

Some GMB fans were impressed by Lewis' hidden musical talent. 

One person on Twitter said: "I mean, how do you you even realise you can do that? (with three laughing emojis) #martinlewis #gmb."

While another said: "I do that sometimes."

But some viewers weren't as impressed. 

One watcher said: "Fantastic TV viewing playing tunes on your ear OMG PLEASE stop cringing worthy only."

While a second person added: "I've woken up stuck the TV on and Martin Lewis is playing happy birthday tunes with his ear on Good Morning Britain. 

"I'm going back to bed."