I know it's still October and it may be too early for some to mention Christmas. But the truth is it's only a short number of weeks away.

In less than two months we’ll be in the festive cheer, getting ready to celebrate the season with our loved ones.

But before the big day officially arrives, first the Christmas products need to hit the shelves.

That includes Aldi’s Lacura own products that are set to make the perfect present for any beauty lover whilst saving you some money.

Whether you are looking for a design perfume dupe that won’t break the bank or have a Secret Santa budget of less than £10, these products from Aldi may just be perfect.

Of course, it's always nice to know how good a beauty product actually is before you buy it, that’s where I come in.

I was lucky enough to receive a sneak peek at some of Aldi’s beauty Christmas products, and they are not to be missed.

From new perfumes, hair care gift sets and even caviar gold beauty products, see what I thought of Aldi’s latest drop and what you should try.

Aldi drops Jo Malone designer-inspired perfumes

Already well known for their designer-inspired perfumes, Aldi is back at it again with three scents from their Lacura’s Hotel Collection.

Taking inspiration from Jo Malone, Aldi has created Bergamot, Peony Blue and Myrrh and sweet Tonka, each costing £5.99, saving shoppers £400.

Jo Malone’s perfumes are known for their rich but not overpowering scents and it seems like Aldi has been taking notes.

The supermarket's dupes are each strong and powerful but, like Jo Malone, are not painful to the nose.

The Gazette: The Jo Malone inspired perfumes.The Jo Malone inspired perfumes. (Image: Newsquest)

Starting with the Bergamot, which feels rich and bold and is perfect for someone who prefers a strong scent without it feeling heavy.

I would describe the Myrrh & Sweet Tonka perfume as pleasant with a dash of power.

Last but by far not least, Peony Blush is the most feminine of scents with a summery and flowery scent.

Each of the bottles has similar designs with slick thick designers coming in black and white bottles, whilst the lids offer an art deco style edge.

If you want to gift someone a special perfume for Christmas or want to treat yourself whilst keeping to a budget, Aldi’s Jo Malone dupes are the way to go.

The Gazette: The Bonded gift set.The Bonded gift set. (Image: Newsquest)

Although less than £5.99, the Aldi perfumes may be cheap in cost but feel rich in scent and design.

The Jo Malone Aldi perfume dupes will be available in stores nationwide from November 30.

Aldi releases new Olaplex dupe gift set

After the release of their viral Olaplex dupes, Aldi has created the perfect hair care gift set with the Bonded collection.

Coming in a pack of three, you get the Lacura pre-wash hair treatment, moisture mask and hair oil as well as a microfiber scrunchie for just £9.99.

As someone who regularly uses Aldi’s Olaplex dupes, while the gift set sizes may be smaller, they are still fantastic and will keep feeling like you’ve just walked out of the salon every time you’ve used them.

Lacura’s Bonded Gift Set will be in Aldi stories from December 10.

The Gazette: The bottles are perfect travel sized.The bottles are perfect travel sized. (Image: Newsquest)

What to expect from Aldi’s Lacura Christmas beauty range

Along with Aldi’s Jo Malone dupes and Olaplex-inspired gift sets, Aldi has more for shoppers to enjoy.

Starting with their Sleep Skincare range that includes an Overnight Plumping Face Mask, hand lotion, bath salts and more with prices starting at £1.99 to £5.99 and available in store from November 30.

Aldi shoppers can also grab the Lacura Caviar Gold Illumination range which includes face cream face serum and eye with prices ranging from £8.49 to £5.99.

You can also get three more inspired perfumes with Lacura Prism, Only Natural, and Mon Amour Eau de Parfums, each costing £5.99 and in stores from December 10.