Production of a new ITV show starring Gino D'Acampo has been halted after a toboggan accident left the star chef requiring medical treatment. 

Filming has been ongoing for a new ITV series - Emission Impossible - which features D'Acampo alongside good friend and First Dates star Fred Sirieix. 

The show - said to be a six-part series of 30-minute episodes - was set to see the pair trying to eat, sleep and travel as sustainably as possible in “inspirational” locations.

ITV has now said the show is no longer in production and plans for a second season have been scrapped after an accident involving D'Acampo which "echoes of the Freddie Flintoff crash" on Top Gear, The Sun reported. 

"There was blood everywhere" - Gino D'Acampo involved in accident while filming new ITV show

D'Acampo was filming a toboggan stunt in Austria as part of the new ITV series Emission Impossible when the accident occurred. 

A source has revealed to The Sun there was "blood everywhere" following the accident, which involved three other people, two of whom were children. 

Filming of the new ITV show was halted immediately and "shocked" cast and crew were all sent home and offered counselling.

The source, speaking to The Sun, said: "Fred and Gino repeatedly flagged ­concerns about health and safety, and they were exhausted from long 12, 14-hour days in freezing conditions. Earlier, they had been filming in a glacier.

“One stunt saw Gino have to go down a 200ft slide on a toboggan, clutching a cocktail glass. He raised concerns at the top of the slide about the glass.

“He was still filming a piece to camera when a mother and her two kids came hurtling down at 30mph and crashed.

The Gazette: Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix have appeared on other ITV shows together in the past including Gordon Gino Fred: Viva Espana.Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix have appeared on other ITV shows together in the past including Gordon Gino Fred: Viva Espana. (Image: ITV/Studio Ramsay)

“There was blood everywhere and one of the boys had blood pouring from his mouth.

“The mum and her other child had concussion and an ambulance was immediately called as Gino was treated on-site.

“Crew were understandably shaken and the shoot was immediately halted.

“ITV had real duty of care concerns and immediately offered counselling to anyone who may have been upset by what they saw.

“There were echoes of the Freddie Flintoff crash and ITV were adamant that they look after their staff."

Both Sirieix and D'Acampo got ill the following day with the later recording a temperature of up to 40.3 degrees, according to The Sun. 

D'Acampo, 47, was reportedly left "frustrated" following the crash and has now revealed the incident was "the worst shoot of our (he and Sirieix) life".

The Italian chef, in The Sun, added: "I am shocked I have not had a phone call from ITV to see how I am and I cannot wait to talk to them about all of this.

“After 22 years of working with them, I am in an accident and I get ill, and yet I don’t get a phone call; I smell a fish. I think ITV have no idea what happened.”

This all comes after D'Acampo revealed earlier this year he would be leaving Gordon, Gino, Fred’s Road Trips also on ITV.

ITV has been contacted for comment.