One Big Brother housemate has been the centre of intense conversations among viewers on X, formally Twitter.

DJ Dylan's actions saw X users discuss his behaviour as one shared that they were "grossed out" by it.

Following the special Halloween task set by 'Evil Big Brother' housemates Noky and Trish had to pick three housemates to go up for a student eviction.

The pair chose Dylan, Olivia and Kerry with the public ultimately voting Kerry as the next Big Brother housemate to be evicted.

However, upon hearing he had been put up for eviction by his fellow housemates, Dylan entered the living infuriated. 

Big Brother viewers 'grossed out' by Dylan

When Dylan came back into the living room, he began confronting Trish and Noky and accused them of gameplaying and being "two-faced".

The morning after the elimination, Dylan spoke to both Trish and Noky and apologised to them. 

However, many Big Brother viewers did not find his apologies genuine and accused him of being 'fake'.

As one Big Brother fan said: "Dylan “apologising“ to Noky and Trish and admitting he was in the wrong, and then nominating them for eviction huh?"

Another described the DJ as fake: "Dylan’s a fake through and through."

Others were not happy with Dylan calling his fellow housemates 'girls', saying: "Is no one else completely grossed out by him calling them ‘girls’ like… they are full grown women he needs to shut up its just rude."

Many suggested that Dylan's change of attitude came after releasing it was nomination day: "Dylan being overly nice again now he knows it’s nomination day!"

As another Big Brother viewer said: "A fake apology isn't gonna stop you from getting nominated, Dylan."

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