Brits are being given the chance to get their hands on a solid gold bottle of Prime worth more than £400,000.

Prime creators KSI and Logan Paul made the announcement on social media on Monday (November 6) revealing the competition was to mark the sale of the billionth bottle of Prime.

A 24k solid gold Prime bottle worth USD$500,000 (£405,687) will be on display in London, and New York, from Friday (November 10) and fans will only have 48 hours to win it, so you'll have to be quick.

How to win the gold Prime bottle worth over £400,000

Both solid gold Prime bottles will be encased in bulletproof glass and there is only one way to get to them - by guessing a six-digit code.

KSI and Paul explained in a video on X (formerly Twitter) that Prime fans in the UK will have 48 hours to try and secure the solid gold Prime bottle beginning on Friday (November 10) at 3pm (BST).

Only the correct six-digit code will unlock the case winning the lucky person the gold Prime bottle. 

Each person gets one guess and it must be made within 20 seconds (no pressure).

If the code isn't guessed within 48 hours, the bottles will be destroyed.

The golden Prime bottle and bulletproof case were designed by former NASA and Apple engineer, current YouTuber and CrunchLabs founder, Mark Rober.

'This is gonna be WILD' - fans excited for shot at gold Prime bottle and begin guessing

Fans have taken to social media to share their excitement about the competition, which will launch in the UK on Friday (November 10).

One Prime fan, commenting on the video posted by KSI and Logan Paul on X (formerly Twitter), said: "This is gonna be WILD."

Another person commented: "These guys are marketing geniuses. The hype for this is going to be crazy."

A third person added: "Save me a spot Prime Hydrate."

While other fans began sharing their thoughts on what the six-digit code is going to be. 

One fan said they had guessed it already, commenting: "already know what the code will be. Its 696420."

While someone else said: "I reckon the Score sheet (6 digits ) for the first match between them ended draw."