Big Brother viewers have taken to X, formally Twitter, to share their disapproval after two housemates were caught breaking house rules. 

It comes after Olivia and Chanelle were caught by Big Brother chatting about nominations for evictions. 

Earlier in the week, Chanelle won immunity from eviction following a 'Hunger Games' themed task. 

However, as she was caught discussing who she had in mind for eviction, Big Brother revoked her immunity. 

Sharing: "Breaking news! Big Brother sees it all, including a recent rule break... As a result, Chanelle has had her Eviction immunity revoked, and another Housemate will suffer the wrath of Big Brother. All will be revealed tonight on Big Brother: Late & Live!"

Big Brother viewers demand housemate is 'put up for eviction'

Many viewers of the reality TV show have shared their views on the rule break, as some shared that they "still love Chanelle" whilst others said "Chanelle is still an icon."

Although some shared their love for the Big Brother housemate, others gave their thoughts on what the consequences should be. 

One viewer said: "If you revoked Yinrun’s nominations, you should be doing the same for Chanelle and Olivia."

Referencing when Yinrin accidentally broke the rules and was placed in 'prison' and had her nominations revoked. 

As another Big Brother fan said: "Their nominations better not count or it’s going to look very dodgy. Why do they get better treatment than Yinrun?"

Whilst the second rulebreaker in the house has not been named, many are suggesting that Olivia could face her second rulebreak.

Olivia had previously discussed nominations will ex-housemate Hallie and was placed in 'prison' in the rain. 

One Big Brother viewer said: "You better be revoking Chanelle and Olivia's noms (nominations) like you did to  Yinrun!"

As another said: "Put Olivia up for eviction!! 2nd rule break."

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