The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh ran off set in hysterics after chaser Shaun Wallace made a huge blunder on the ITV show.

Bradley introduced new contestants Armin, Sally, Karen and Ryan who were all hoping to walk away with thousands of pounds on Wednesday (November 8) night.

The last contestant to face the chaser was Ryan who was competing for no money in the head-to-head after getting all questions wrong in the cash build-up.

Bradley Walsh in hysterics after chaser Shaun Wallace makes huge question blunder

The Gazette: Bradley Walsh now stars on other shows like Blankety Blank and Beat The Chasers (ITV/X)Bradley Walsh now stars on other shows like Blankety Blank and Beat The Chasers (ITV/X) (Image: ITV/X)

The 24-year-old was asked: "What animal was reportedly used to lay cables around Buckingham Palace for the broadcast of Charles and Diana's wedding?"

The Chase contestant had to pick from 'a mole', 'a ferret' or 'a badger' before picking the second option.

Bradley Walsh was amused by the question and answers, saying: "Can you imagine a mole taking the cables through?"

He added: "It's not that, it's seeing him come through the hole like 'Where do you want this lads? Anyone got my gloves? Right Baz, put that down... ma'am'. Do you know how big a cable is?"

Ryan argued: "They used to use ferrets to do that" before Bradley responded: "Yes, but you know what, they would've attached a string for what's called a pull-through. You can't attach - look at that! You can't attach that to a ferret, by the time the ferret's gone four feet he would be like... [gasps for breath]."

When it was revealed that the ITV chaser got the answer wrong by selecting 'mole', Bradley was left in hysterics before running off the set.

He then reminded Shaun that it could not have been a mole as they are partially sighted.

Fellow contestant Karen could be seen wiping away tears in the background as Bradley struggled to compose himself.

In the end, Shaun had the last laugh, beating Ryan and his team with just seconds to go.