Chocolate lovers are going crazy after finding 600g and 550g tubs of Quality Street, Celebrations, Roses and Heroes going for £2.25.

Tubs of chocolates including Roses and Quality Street are popular stocking fillers at Christmas time. 

But with Christmas Day behind us, supermarkets across the UK are looking to get rid of remaining stock from their shelves and have already began discounting certain chocolate items in stores.

Quality Street, Celebrations, Roses and Heroes chocolates on sale for £2.25 at major supermarket

Asda is among the major supermarkets in the UK that have begun discounting chocolate stocks following Christmas. 

The discount website Hot UK Deals has reported various Asda stores across the UK have been spotted selling the following items for £2.25: 

  • Quality Street (600g)
  • Celebrations (600g)
  • Roses (550g)
  • Heroes (550g)

These discounts come just days after consumer watchdog Which? revealed prices of popular festive chocolates including Quality Street had increased in price this Christmas, some by more than 50%.

Shoppers have been crazy over the reported bargain, taking to the site to share their excitement. 

The Gazette: Quality Street tubs (600g) have been spotted in sale in Asda stores across the UK for £2.25.Quality Street tubs (600g) have been spotted in sale in Asda stores across the UK for £2.25. (Image: PA)

One person said: "chocothon has started."

While another person, commenting on the new chocolate prices, said: "Bought 4 tubs in Asda Edinburgh Chesser on Boxing Day."

A third shopper added: "Got 3 in Asda Hatfield just before they closed, £2.25 a pop, well pleased.

"They were also giving away bags of Brussel sprouts FREE! (hardly anyone took them, it's not chocolate is it!)"


While shoppers took to the comments section to reveal the sites that had this deal, it seems not all Asda stores have the chocolates available at the £2.25 discounted price.

One disappointed chocolate fan, having searched for the deal at their local Asda, commented: "another wild goose chase."

Another person added: "None online."