Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has revealed the reason she quit smoking after 40 years.

She said she thought “I am going to die” after suffering an incident in a hotel room.

The 58-year-old says she has been cigarette-free for 12 weeks, a decision she made after developing an acute chest infection and struggling to breathe.

“I literally couldn’t walk a few feet without stopping to catch my breath. It was the scariest thing, feeling constantly winded,” she told the Mirror.

Coleen Nolan quits smoking after 'really frightening' incident in hotel room

Nolan said a crew member at ITV’s Loose Women insisted on taking her to see a doctor where she was placed on antibiotics but “being a typical woman and mum, I kept saying I’d be fine”, she said.

Later, she met her 60-year-old partner Michael Jones outside a hotel but by the time the pair were walking towards their room, Nolan was “gasping” and attempting to say she “couldn’t breathe”.

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Nolan said she had a “panic attack” and became “stressed” as she experienced the incident.

“I had a full-scale panic attack and the more stressed I got and the more I cried, the less able I was to breathe,” she said.

“I genuinely thought ‘I’m going to die in my hotel room, away from home’. It was really frightening.”

Nolan said she felt the incident was the universe telling her it was her “last chance” and made her realise she wants to be “around for as long as I can” for her three children.