Martin Lewis has issued a warning to fans after criminals began using his likeness in scam adverts.

The Money Saving Expert doesn’t appear in adverts and stressed that if you saw his face or name associated with one it would be a scam.

Currently Bitcoin scammers are using Martin’s face in scam adverts to try and trick people into thinking he endorses their product.

Mr Lewis has taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to warn his fans not to fall for the scam.

He said: “WARNING: With the Bitcoin price up, scammers are again using social media ads using my (or others) fake endorsement to pretend you’re buying it.

“In reality they are just trying STEAL YOUR MONEY. So a reminder…”

Martin shared a video of various clips of himself on This Morning telling people he doesn’t do adverts.

In one clip he said: “I don’t do adverts. Any advert you see with me in is a scam.

“If someone is advertising something with me in it, it is a lie.

“If someone is talking about an investment and saying I said it is a good investment, they are thieves, criminals, and trying to steal your money.

“Do not go near them.”

Fake emails and adverts fraudulently using Martin Lewis’ image have been used for years and led to Lewis suing Facebook for libel in 2018.

And last year, Action Fraud and Which? warned of an increase in fraudulent messages using Martin Lewis’ likeness to try and lure in victims.

Which? said: “Martin has been at the forefront of advice around the cost of living crisis with his advice, tips and opinions heavily featured across the media.

“Scammers are taking advantage of both elements and using his image fraudulently, believing people will see his ‘endorsement’ as a mark of trust.

“We’ve seen the fake paid ads creeping back onto Facebook, leading to websites that mock up fake news sites.”