A PAIR of kind-hearted kids have kick-started a campaign to help their football coach aunt in her battle to beat terminal cancer.

Cody and Kati Boyd, 11 and eight, both decided to raise money for the Beatson Cancer Charity after their aunt Leighanne Sanderson was told she had a brain tumour in January.

For two months the mum-of-one, from Renfrew, was told there was nothing wrong but when the new year came round she found out she had between 18 months and five years to live.

Leighanne was a football coach at Dumbarton Riverside FC, and was used to activity at least four times a week, so having to jump from that to resting lots in between treatments came as a shock.

Cody, Kati and their mum Katie Sanderson are part of a vital support network for Leighanne, whose inability to work and pay her mortgage forced her from her home.

The family allowed her to stay for about three months before Renfrewshire Council rehoused her.

And Cody, who goes to Kirklandneuk Primary School with Kati, also decided to give up his break-times at school to sell drawings his mum had done, bracelets he had made plus some raffle tickets.

The youngster raised £150 for the Beatson, which continues to care for Leighanne throughout her treatment.

Kati also plans to get her long locks cut next month for the Beatson and donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer.

Leighanne said: “Words cannot describe how proud I am of both Cody and Kati. It was their idea to do something and at their age I just think that’s amazing. The support I’ve had from friends and family has been outstanding.”

Since her diagnosis Leighanne has had to endure weeks on end of radiotherapy and she has just come out of a week of chemotherapy.

Around 95 per cent of her tumour has now been removed but she still had to face the reality she may only have a few years left.

Nonetheless, the 37-year-old is determined to make the most of things.

Leighanne added: “I went to my GP several times before I was diagnosed and was just told I had the tail-end of viral meningitis and was told to just drink plenty of fluids. You take their word for it of course.

“Coming out of chemo has been hard but I’m doing okay. I’m looking forward to Christmas and spending time with my family. I’ve got to make the most of the time I have, because I don’t know how much time I have left.”