With thousands of us getting ready to set off on our summer holidays, many will flock to Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire to reach destinations across the globe.

However, getting caught out by fees for using services such as parking can be very easy.

By being extra prepared, we can save ourselves stress and money when visiting the airport.

Here is everything you need to know about parking and drop-off fees at Prestwick.

Do I need to pay a drop-off fee at Prestwick Airport?

Prestwick Airport does charge drop-off and pick-up fees to drivers with this service being located directly outside the terminal building in Car Park 1.

There is a charge of £4 for stays of up to 60 minutes with this only being payable via card.

The charge for pick-ups and drop-offs rises depending on how long drivers stay with £7.50 being charged for 1-2 hour stays, £13 for 2-4 hours and £31 for 12-24 hours.

How much does it cost to park my car at Prestwick Airport for a week?

Long-term parking can be found in Car Park 2 where those travelling can leave their vehicle for a number of days.

Those wanting to use this service should book online via the Glasgow Prestwick Airport website.

To park in Car Park 2 for just one day, drivers will be charged £34 while those staying for two or three days will be charged £41 and £61 respectively.

For stays of up to eight days, £105 will be charged with every day after that being £7.50.

Car Park 3 is ideal for those choosing to park their vehicle for more than three days.

Find out more on the Glasgow Prestwick Airport website before you arrive.