TAYLOR Swiftย will perform for three nights at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium with thousands of fans set to descend on the capital.

To ensure fans can make their way to and from the stadium safely, a number of roads in and around the Murrayfield area will be closed to cars.

If you're travelling through the area on Friday, June 7, Saturday, June 8ย and Sunday, June 9, here is everything you need to know.

See all the road closures in place for Taylor Swift's Edinburgh concerts

Here are all of the road closures that will be in place for Taylor Swift's Murrayfield gigs, according to Edinburgh City Council.

12pm to 12.30am

These roads may reopen betweenย 8pm and 9.30pm if it is safe to do so.

  • Roseburn Bridge
  • Roseburn Street

12pm to 7.30pm andย 9.30pm toย 12.30am

  • Baird Avenue
  • Baird Drive
  • Baird Gardens
  • Baird Grove
  • Baird Terrace
  • Devon Place
  • Riversdale Grove
  • Riversdale Road
  • Riverside Cresent
  • Saughtonhall Avenue
  • Saughtonhall Circus
  • Saughtonhall Gardens
  • Saughtonhall Grove
  • Saughtonhall Place
  • Saughtonhall Terrace
  • Stanhope Street
  • Wester Coates Road
  • Wester Coates Terrace
  • Balbirnie Place (Partiallyย fromย 9.30pm to 12:30am)

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Possible road closures fromย 4pm to 9.30pm and 6pm to 12.30am

  • Roseburn Terrace
  • West Coates
  • Haymarket Terrace (trams will still run)
  • Clifton Terraceย (trams will still run)
  • Haymarket Yardsย (trams will still run)
  • West Maitland Street (from Torphichen Street to Haymarket)
  • Western Terrace and Corstorphine Road (from Ellersly Road to Roseburn Terrace)
  • Rosebery Crescent (from Haymarket terrace to Grosvenor Gardens)
  • Balbirnie Place
  • Grosvenor Street (at West Maitland Street and Haymarket)

Taylor Swift will perform in Edinburgh on Friday, June 7, Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9.