Hi there, this is my first attempt at a blog and I hope you find my look on life interesting.

I would like to thank The Gazette for giving me this opportunity.

First of all, like many Johnstone people I am upset at the town losing Woolworths.

Like most people, I spent many an hour and many a pound in the store over the years being brought up in the town centre.

It was really a local store for me.

Whilst many of us will be sad at the demise of a much loved shop we have to feel sorry for those who have lost their jobs at this particularly bad time for the economy.

I hope they are not out of work for long.

When politicians get involved in sport for many it is a complete turn-off .

However, the views expressed by Frank MacAveety MSP recently are views I agree with. There are too many empty seats at our senior football grounds every weekend and Frank's campaign to encourage Partick Thistle to allow under-16s into matches for free is a no-brainer.

Kids have so many options these days and with football being such an expensive support, an initiative like this might just stop out Natural Game from dying as a spectator sport.

I am delighted that pirates have now left Johnstone man James Grady's workplace. His family must be relieved he will be returning home soon.

His family have conducted themselves in a very dignified way during a time which has been very difficult for them.

I am sure Mr Grady will be very proud of them.

I am sure the people of Johnstone who have been nervous about Mr Grady's safety will be pleased he will be returning home.

So that's my first week.

Please log on next week for my views affecting the local people.