I feel compelled this week to kick things off by mentioning some good, happy stories I've seen in this weeks Gazette. Amongst all the grim news that seems to appear from all sorts of sources and causes it's reassuring to see that not all of us have lost our way and quite a few can still see the absolute value in investing time and money in our Children. Author Catherine McPhail's visit to Houston primary seems to have got many kids enthused about reading and creative writing. Good stuff, and far better than any time spent staring at a Nintendo DS!

Nice also to see some money gifted to the kids of Kilbarchan with the Kilbarchan East Church receiving over �3000 from the lottery to help them to improve facilities and equipment for the children attending the group. Another encouraging piece of news is the continued success of the after school book club at Woodlands Primary in Linwood. Our kids need the best start and the best education we can possibly afford to give them. They deserve it and society should demand it! Quite a shame that many organisations and events for children need to rely on charity money and folks giving up their spare time for free. Let's see some streamlining and efficiencies in local and national government operations and spend more money on the youth and education. The council tax �1 is still not used as efficiently as it could be - too much bureaucracy and procedural red tape seems to exist everywhere, and whilst it does then you �1 will never go as far as it might!

On a more serious note, I wonder if those protesting against the expansion of Glasgow airport are at all able to view things for the wider communities and commercially for the Country? I don't deny that some will be inconvenienced by increased air traffic, but since when are we able to move forward with any initiative and keep everyone happy at the same time? Dream on!

Fact - industry and commerce is completely reliant on transportation and communication infrastructure. Another fact - increased infrastructure leads to increased industry and commerce. Is the West of Scotland in such a wealthy position to be able to turn down expanded and improved industry and commerce? You answer the question. The current financial climate only heightens this! Yes, there will be a measurable negative social impact on some, but overall a positive social impact on the many. As for environmental impact then I hope they are not referring to this thing some call "global warming" - some say that this actually exists, and is caused by man. For every eminent scientist that blames man, two others can be found to argue the opposite!

If you're not helping our communities expand themselves and improve our commerce and industry then don't stop those who are! As for threats of civil disobedience at and around the airport then I reckon any protestors are in for a surprise when they encounter the authorities at any of our airports these days!

Lastly, I think I have a top tip for everyone that, like me, are not happy about the bins going to be emptied once a fortnight! I already recycle all I can (I even wash out the bottles!) and my bin is still full every week, so I'm off to buy myself another black wheelie bin! I suggest you do the same!