I RECENTLY welcomed the announcement by the UK Government that they were not going to appeal Renfrewshire Council’s decision to reject a planning application for a new immigration detention centre to be built near Glasgow Airport.

It was clear that Renfrewshire wanted no part in the UK Government’s inhumane and ineffective approach towards immigration detention.

In a letter I received, the UK Government have confirmed that they will now review the immigration detention system in Scotland.

I would hope that they use this as an opportunity to implement an alternative approach towards detention.

It is disappointing that the UK Government is planning on conducting this review behind closed doors and away from the public. This is not good enough.

They should consult widely about this review into immigration detention.

Council Candidates

Renfrewshire’s SNP group has confirmed its candidates to contest the council elections in May.

I’m delighted that we will have a gender-balanced field of candidates in Renfrewshire.

The councillors that we elect to represent us on Renfrewshire Council should be representative of the communities that they serve.

Anyone should be able to stand for election, regardless of background or personal circumstances, and the SNP is playing our part in this by having a strong, gender-balanced list of council candidates.

The candidates who are standing for the SNP are a mixture of experienced councillors seeking re-election and young, enthusiastic candidates looking to bring new ideas and energy to Renfrewshire Council.

After years of mismanagement from Labour-controlled Renfrewshire Council, the SNP will stand on a positive platform to deliver the local services that are important to you.

NHS Visit

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet with Dr Mathis Heyatmann, who is a consultant hepatologist at the RAH, to discuss alcohol-related liver disease and the impact this has on our communities.

A recent survey stated that one in four people in Scotland drink at hazardous or harmful levels and this has a major cost to the individual and the health service.

I would like to thank Dr Heyatmann and those involved in setting up this visit as part of their day of action in tackling alcohol-released diseases.

Article 50 – Brexit

I recently voted against the Bill to allow the UK Government to invoke Article 50 and our exit from the EU.

Like the rest of Scotland, Renfrewshire voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU but the UK Government refuses to accept that.

I firmly believe I would be failing in my duties if I voted for something that would be disastrous for everyone in Renfrewshire regardless of how they may have voted in the EU referendum.