Build it like Beckham: Did you see the picture of David Beckham over the weekend completing his daughter’s “Princess Castle” out of Lego?

Very impressive (and so was his Lego construction) which got me thinking how many parents will be up all hours helping their little “princesses” make their arty, crafty pieces for school.

I remember a friend’s son had a craft project home from school to complete and take back the following day.

My friend had all sorts of fun at the beginning, and it was a great bonding activity for the two of them, until the hour or so having “fun”, stretched into four hours – as he got rather competitive. Essentially, he started the whole thing from scratch, once said son went to his bed, as he thought he could do better

He did, of course, but his son couldn’t answer how his project was built when he was asked by the teacher the next day – so, for all the mum and dads whose little ones have just started in primary one – just be careful what you start, as sometimes it’s not as clever as you think to complete it.

Hells, bells: What on earth is all the fuss about Big Ben’s bongs not being heard for four years, and the Prime Minister raising the issue at Westminster. Really? What about Brexit, and the country’s economy for starters.

It’s a bell for goodness sake – and what’s wrong with a recording until its repaired – after all, most of the country don’t hear it any way as we are so far away – and I am sure if they gave the local churches here a call, they could help them out with a bell sound. Simple really.

Water taxi: In Glasgow and need a taxi to the Airport – just step on this water taxi.

As you read this I believe an application for a water taxi will be considered by the city authorities to take holiday makers from Glasgow to the airport to avoid the congestion on the roads.

I’ve only been writing about this idea since the late 1980s, so I do hope it is approved.